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Eastern Facelift

Gua Sha is a hand-carved crystal tool, used to sculpt, tone and renew the appearance. It is known as ‘The Eastern Facelift’ for is incredible lifting ability.

Its unique shape is carefully crafted to work with every area of the face to:

  • Rid dark circles
  • Alleviate skin congestion
  • Clear acne
  • Eliminate puffiness
  • Smooth lines & tone skin
  • Facial muscle toning
  • Promote cellular renewal
  • Even complexion

This specialised facial is best suited for those looking for visible changes to congestion of fluid, accumulations or dark circles.

This treatment has zero recovery time. As always, we tailor this treatment to focus on your areas of concern. Treatment: 45minutes  $135

Gua Sha Facial Masterclass

Learn how you can incorporate Gua Sha into your daily beauty routine to benefit every area of your face and skin health.

The unique shape of Gua Sha is carefully hand-carved to fit every area of the face. Hannah Watson will teach you how to cleanse and recharge your Gua Sha tool to benefit emotional wellbeing and how to incorporate imperial acupuncture points to reset and tone facial muscles.

Date: Sunday, May 5th

Location: The Laneway Loft, Downes Lane, Geelong


We incorporate hand-carved crystal tools into our treatments to ensure your treatment offers a completely unique depth of treatment.

These crystal tools deliver calm to the skin, and also the emotions.

These are the perfect at-home complementary treatment for you to use between your Cosmetic Acupuncture sessions.

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