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Our Philosophy

Quality. Natural. Respect.

We believe that your skin is a reflection of your inner health, emotionally and physically. 

This is why our treatments are holistic, natural and are thoughtfully created to work with your bodies energy.

Our foundation is Chinese Medicine, which believes that optimal health is achieved when energy flow is balanced and even.

Facial Treatments

We offer a range of natural facial treatments including Gua Sha Facial, Crystal Facial and Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Gua Sha Consulting

Learn how you can incorporate Gua Sha into your treatments.


Albury Cosmetic Acupuncture Pop Up

At the beautiful practice of Indigo Chinese Medicine.

About Hannah.

Dr. Hannah Watson has founded and directed specialist fertility and Cosmetic Acupuncture clinics in England and Australia. She is passionate about all aspects of women’s health: cosmetic, hormonal and internal. 

Hannah commenced her practice in women’s health and IVF support clinics, working alongside IVF doctors and gynaecologists. Which has given her a foundation in all aspects of women’s health. Hannah has aided countless couples in acheiving healthy pregnancy, including forty pregnancies in twelve months in her clinic in the UK. Hannah is the only Australian to have undergone extensive Cosmetic Acupuncture training in the UK with the authour and founder of Facial Enhance. 

Hannah Watson is passionate about her clients success and is thrilled with their results and changes. Hannah’s work is intuitive as well as scientifically based. 

Hannah offers treatments from her Acupuncture Wellness Co. 374 Pakington Street, Newtown,  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


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