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Jade Gua Sha


Increase blood circulation, refreshing the skin, reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

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The Jade Gua Sha tool is a powerful addition to your beauty regime.

This hand-crafted tool has been used for centuries for its anti-ageing abilities. Carefully shaped, it treats every area of the face. Gua sha when performed correctly create a 400% increase in microcirculation.

It’s unique shape is fantastic at contouring the cheekbones, tightening and toning the facial muscles to give an overall lift. It moves fluid to target puffiness. By facilitating microcirculation it detoxes the skin and smooths wrinkles. Increasing microcirculation also offers benefits including cellular renewal and removal of fluids. It refreshes the skin and therefor appearance.

You can use your Gua Sha tool to target any areas of tension and pain. Often the brows are overworked if frowning or furrowing are habitual. This results in tension, which can increase, thus creating habitual muscle tendencies. Pressing on these areas with the Gua Sha tool serves to soften the muscle tension and increases your awareness of your muscle tendencies. The result? You are more aware and stop frowning! Thus, this treatment also helps to slow the creation of lines.

The Gua Sha massage tool tightens the skin and increases elasticity. Furthermore, it reduces pore size, removes dark circles under your eyes, and eradicates toxins. The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool by White Lotus is a must-have for those wanting to restore the lost glow to their skin and improve overall health. It is the ideal pairing to your Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment to refresh the skin and change facial muscle habits.


Precious jade stones is specially hand crafted to increase blood circulation, refresh the skin, whilst also reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness below the eyes. Jade is naturally cool in nature, which closes and minimise the pores to create a tighter feel to your skin. You can also use this to treat the skin of the decollate and neck.

Ancient China believed that Jade calms and cools the heart, that it helps reduce anxiety, insomnia and emotional restlessness. This cool and calm beauty tool is conveniently transportable and is in a silk lined box.


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