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Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Rose Quartz Facial Roller offers microcirculation, detoxification and cellular health. It offers optimal quality from pure, hand carved stone.

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The build up of toxins under your skin affects overall skin health. However, the rose quartz facial roller aids in lymphatic drainage and eradicates toxins by slowly removing them. Thus it helps reduce puffiness and enhances microcirculation.

Microcirculation is extremely important for restoring your skin’s natural radiance. The rose quartz facial roller is used to reduce the signs of ageing. White Lotus’ Rose Quartz Facial Roller is ideal to treat wrinkles, remove circles from under the eyes and fine lines. It also improves skin elasticity.

This beautiful tool is hand-crafted from authentic rose quartz of premium quality. It hasn’t undergone any chemical treatments and does not contain any artificial components, so the crystals retain their natural properties. It has been declared safe for all skin types. This roller features brass handles as it conducts excellent energy flow. The package comes with detailed instructions so you can utilize the rose quartz massager in the best possible way.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as ‘the love stone’. It is strongly linked to the Heart, and the emotion of love. It is used to promote healing, love, and compassion, while improving emotional health. Rose Quartz is used to help the creation and acceptance of self-love, as well as nourishing pre-existing relationships. You can benefit on emotional and mental levels. Plus, glow on the outside.

The Rose Quartz Facial Roller is is exactly what you need to nourish your skin, get rid of toxins, and improve its texture. This makes a beautiful gift, that offers the receiver a lifetime of nourishment that is more than skin-deep. It comes in a beautiful silk-lined box that is easily transportable. Perfectly paired with our organic anti-ageing serum. Using the facial roller is said to enhance the absorption of the serum, making it an ideal partnering.


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