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Rose Quartz Pendant


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Hold pure self-love close to your heart with this pure, untreated rose quartz crystal necklace pendent.

Rose quartz is known as ‘the love stone’ and it has been traditionally used to nourish the Heart and to also reinstate trust. Its natural pink hue is believed to resonate with the heart, to nourish and replenish. Because Rose quartz is beloved for its nourishment upon the emotions. It is believed to encourage the creation and acceptance of self-love. It goes within the heart to heal and reinstate trust. To repair what has been broken or damaged.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to transfer their energy to its wearer. This stone is used to conjure love in the wearer. Rose Quartz is associated with compassion, unconditional love and bringing a higher level on consciousness. It’s heart healing ability resonates with kindness and a more positive perspective may be adopted in its presence. Rose quartz allows one to let go of toxic energies and emotions. It heals the heart, reinstates trust and has a soft, feminine energy. It balances the heart chakra.

Rose quartz is used to align all those in its presence with the energy of love in all aspect of life so you can operate from a place of pure love. The heart is associated with the emotion of joy in Chinese Medicine. Rose quartz is believed to nourish Qi and blood of the Heart.


Unique in its shape and stone, Arwoken has create this stone pendant for Acupuncture Wellness Co. This Rose quartz pendant is made from sterling silver and rose quartz, ideally designed to be a conservative necklace. Does not include chain. Worn close to the heart, this crystal can be worn on a daily basis to assist in encouraging self-love and reinstate trust in the heart. Approach life from a place of love and watch it transform.


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