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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture targets your specific areas of concern.

This treatment creates a natural influx of collagen to the area, to visibly plump and shorten fine lines.

Key acupuncture points are used tone facial muscles, tighten and tone.

Our unique infusion of beauty tools, crystal and Chinese Medicine treatment aims to restore harmony to emotional and physical health, allowing you to glow inside and out.

Eastern Face Lift

For a complete facial renewal. Gua Sha is natural hand-carved crystal, used for thousands of years as an anti-ageing tool.

Ideal for congested, problematic skin & dark circles. Gua Sha lifts & tones the skin, its unique shape is ideal to rid puffiness & stimulate skin cell renewal.

This is a needle-free option with no recovery time.

Crystal Facial

Improving & healing skin with precise stones.

This clarifying treatment is ideal to balance skin, mind & emotions.